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An afternoon at the museum: Ethnography + Prehistory

Hispania,  escuela de español wants to make a proposal to which you will not be able to say no: the visit to two museums that will captivate you: the Prehistory museum and the Museum of Ethnology of Valencia.

First, I’m going to talk to you about the Prehistory Museum, which it is considered one of the best in Spain, it is a must see if you are passionate about art and archaeology. What we offer you is a trip that you cannot forget because we are heading nothing more and nothing less than the past, you are about to discover the Ancient History of the Community of Valencia. The collection has as impressive pieces as the oldest human remains of this beautiful Community of Spain: we will observe the skull of a Neanderthal, a tooth of the Homo heidelbergensis, the remains found in the “Cova de l’or” de Alicante, bone spoons that attest to its use since very old times or idols to fertility. In addition, the museum has a room dedicated to ibera pottery that will amaze you because you can see the best pieces of Iberian art. Among the master works the museum offers, the “plaquetas calizas del Parpallo” stand out because they are the most emblematic complex of portable art in the peninsular prehistory, as well as “El Guerrero de Mogente”, a piece that tells us about ibera art and spirituality.

Did you know that in the Museum of Prehistory of Valencia there is the Apollo de Pinedo? As you hear it, this museum has one of the most important Roman bronze sculptures of Spain. This sculpture is a Roman copy of Apollo Delphinios and has received the name of Apollo de Pinedo, for having been found on the beach of Pinedo, possibly because of the wreck of a boat. The good news is that the museum has placed it in a beautiful garden so that visitors can get an idea of how it was placed in its original place. But that’s not all. In the museum there is also an old Byzantine style church that has been converted into an assembly hall and we can visit it.

Now that you have fallen in love with the Prehistory Museum of Valencia, I talk to you about the no less incredible museum of Ethnology. Created on 1982 by Joan Francesc Mira, an anthropologist, sociologist, writer and Academician of the Acadèmia Valencia de la Llengua, it has almost 20,000 pieces dedicated to the understanding of cultural patterns Valencian and Mediterranean.

Its objective is to promote knowledge of the Valencian identity, so if you want to take advantage of your stay in Valencia to become an expert of the city, this is a visit that you can’t avoid. Thanks to its large collection of photographs, testimonials and objects, you can understand how the Valencians were and what has been the evolution of Valencian society.

During the activity of Hispania , escuela de español, we will visit the permanent exhibition, which is divided into areas: the city, the garden, the Marjal, the dry land and the mountain, and we will learn a lot also with its incredible temporary exhibitions: the Valencian ball, the Community music bands, the migrations lived by valencians, among many other aspects that will allow you to discover every corner of the culture of Valencia. Additionally, in this Museum conferences, concerts, film screenings, books’ presentations, gatherings and many more activities that will immediately make you fall in love with.

If you want to be an expert on the ancient history of Man but also of Valencia, meet new friends and practice a lot of Spanish,

Do not wait to sign up for this activity of Hispania, escuela de español.

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