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Valencian gastronomy

Horchata tasting
In the wonderful workshop that is organized in the Museum, we will learn how this tasty drink is made, they will explain everything we need to know about the cultivation of 'la chuva' and the differences between the old and the current marketing method. But this is not all!
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Sangría Workshop
In our sangria workshop, we will teach you how to make a real Spanish sangria, we will hold a contest to decide which team has made the most delicious sangria and, above all, we will have fun and practice a lot of Spanish.
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Workshop: Agua de Valencia
If you want to discover how this type of "agua" is prepared originally, you must come to the incredible workshop of Hispania, escuela de español. In this workshop, you will learn what its ingredients and measures are, prepare your own cocktail, laugh and speak Spanish with new friends. What do you say? Do you dare to come?
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Tapas tour
Do you want to taste something great? Are you a lover of tapas? Then this is a activity for you!

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Master Class cooking with Ricard Camarena
Do you want to become a famous chef? Do you want to surprise all your guests? Come learn and enjoy with the famous chef Ricard Camarena

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