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Trip to the Caves of San José and Peñíscola
Do you want to spend an incredible day knowing two magical corners of the Valencian Community? Then come with us!
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When I was studying in Hispania, escuela de español I was only a few centimeters from a giraffe, an elephant, a gorilla and a lion. Don´t you find it incredible? Well, begin to believe it because here everything is possible!
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Trip to Sagunto
Do you want to become an expert in Valencian culture? Anxious to discover the remains of ancient civilizations? Come with us! You will not regret it!
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Do you want to say hello to a penguin in Valencia? Sleep under sharks? See the fun and smart dances of the dolphins? All this is possible with Hispania, escuela de español.
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Beach: Night of San Juan
Do you feel like a magical night? Do you think any time is good to go to the beach? Come with us to the beach on the night of San Juan!
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The Albufera
Do you want to take a boat ride through one of the most typically Valencian natural places on the planet?
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The Modernist Valencia
Do you want to make the most of your stay in Valencia? Do you love knowing every detail of your favorite cities? Do not waste any more time and come and discover the wonderful Modernist Valencia
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Hemisfèric + Science Museum
Do you want to practice your Spanish in the most futuristic environment of this century? Ready to live a unique experience? Come with us!
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Graffiti and Urban Art Tour
Do you Know why Valencia is one of the most artistic cities in Spain? Do you want to practice your Spanish while discovering a unique facet of the city? Come with me, because today we are going to become artists!
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Excursion to Xátiva
Are you excited to know the most special places in Valencia? Do you love castles? Then, come and enjoy this activity with us.

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